Translation Management Plan

Key components to a successful Translation Management Plan explained.

The four key components to a successful Translation Management Plan are Strategy, Technology, Process and Quality.  If you continually monitor the cycle, you are able to make improvements for efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings – which leads to greater success.

translation management process.jpg

The best place to start is with your company Strategy. For example, say your company decides to enter Germany and Spain as new markets.  Your translation strategy would include translating materials for these markets. 

Next you consider the Technology needed to meet these strategic objectives.  Will you be doing enough translation to warrant an online portal for translation management, is machine translation high enough quality, or can you leverage translations with translation memory?  Do you want neural machine translation or regular machine translation?  Will you be doing TransweblationTM, ongoing management of your website translation, or a simple, one-time translation of your website

Within the Process, you consider who is doing the translation.  It could be internal employees, distributors or a translation agency.  You must understand the quality risks and hidden costs if you chose employees or distributors.  Then think about the project management process, document management, version control, leveraging already translated materials.  And, also consider what materials need to be translated.

Quality is key for successful communications.  A gist translation from machine translation such a Google translate may be fine for reading an unsolicited email, yet communications for a high-quality investment house need to be localized and adapted for each market to make sure service delivery and accuracy are maintained. There are ways to determine needs and implement policies and procedures for quality needs across different materials.

Once you’ve established criteria and guidance for the Translation Management Process, challenges and questions arise.  If suddenly you start getting business inquiries in French, you must consider the four steps.  Is it part of your strategy and if not, how will you handle this.  If you decide to move forward, are your processes, technologies and quality requirements able to handle these additional requests.

At Rapport International, we provide consulting across all these stages of implementation to make sure you develop a personalized and successful program for your company.