The Challenges of Technical Translation

Imagine that you’ve just bought a refractor telescope. As you assemble the pieces, you follow the instructions: “Slide counterweight onto the counterweight shaft and secure the counterweight by tightening the counterweight locking knob. Screw counterweight..

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Top Ten Reasons to call Rapport for Patent Translations

  1. Our legal translators are skilled and educated in patent translation.
  2. All translators are bound by confidentiality contracts.
  3. All patents are translated and completed in the correct patent format.
  4. Rapport provides fast turn around times and top quality work.
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Understanding your company’s translation needs and streamlining the process:

Many companies have significant translation needs but do not have an organized and well thought-out translation process.  In order to streamline the translation process, Rapport International has a few helpful tips.

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Top 10 Myths About Translation

Please read this very interesting article by Nataly Kelly in the Huffington Post:

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